25 May. 16

Plumbing Pipes Repurposed for Home Decor

On the heels of shows like “Fixer Upper” and “Rehab Addict”, home renovation is huge right now; more specifically, repurposing old items is pretty much the hottest trend in the current home design movement. Recycling old material, specifically material with an industrial feel, is extremely popular and makes for unique, conversation centerpieces. If you’re a fan of all this, you may have noticed that plumbing material is a hot commodity on these shows, and most often gets re-used to create home shelving units.

Since we love all things plumbing, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of our favorite examples of these popular shelving units. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to create something like this for your home. Or, if you have an even better idea, feel free to post it in the comments section below.

Of course, there’s the obvious use of shelving for books and desks…

pipe shelving

If you’re not the DIY type, this shelving unit from Restoration Hardware is a great option.


pipe shelving 2

This brick wall unique really plays in the industrial appeal, and can be found on Pinterest.


pipe shelving 8 under stairs desk

An under-stair desk like this one serves a double purpose in design and space maximization. Read more on Homedit.com. (Hint, you’ll find even more pipe shelving design ideas here.)


pipe shelving 4

And, of course, the less-is-more approach, courtesy of Home Decoration World.

Closets are another perfect shelving use for pipes, as seen in the following ideas…

pipe shelving 3

Not only is this useful, but it’s a retro way to display your favorite articles of clothing if your closet has no doors or you need to hang coats in an open hallway.


pipe shelving 11 clothing racks

The chrome finish of these pipes would be perfect for a locker room feel. Check out the Luxury Lifestyle, Design & Architecture blog for more info.


pipe shelving 5

This closet is just waiting for clothing to display. DIY For Life shows you how.

Furniture isn’t out of the question either…

pipe shelving 9 console table

Console tables can have a rustic, yet industrial vibe. Originally found on Reclaim By Design’s Etsy page.

And we couldn’t leave out bathroom applications…

pipe shelving 7 toilet paper roll

Toilet paper/cell phone holder combo, sold by Edna Fay Creations on Etsy.


pipe shelving 6 magazine rack

Bathroom magazine racks have never been more design appropriate. Made by Mac and Lexie through Etsy.


Lastly, for the animal lovers of the group…

pipe shelving 10 plumbing-shelves-with-cat

A cats playground, out of the way, yet on display.


What items have you repurposed lately, (plumbing related or not)?