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Qualified, licensed Ohio plumbers

When you need a doctor, would you call a doctor’s office in another state? Of course not. So why call a plumbing company based in another state?

When you call a national plumbing company that is often what you are getting. If the company is based out of state, who are those companies Ohio plumbers? Are they licensed? Are they private contractors or are they employees? Are they properly screened? Can they be trusted in your home? With your family?

Neptune Plumbing is a family-owned Northeast Ohio company that employs qualified, licensed Ohio plumbers.

But not just any licensed Ohio plumber can work for Neptune Plumbing; before a technician is hired, he must pass a thorough drug screening and criminal background check as well as a driver’s license check. Each technician must also complete a minimum of 5-years of training, both in school and in the field.

By applying such stringent guidelines, you can rest assured that the Neptune Plumbing employee that works in your home or office is qualified, trustworthy, and the best person for the job.

Neptune Plumbing: Our Plumbers Make the Difference.

Our Customers

Residential Plumbing Service

When you need commercial or residential plumbing service done in the Northeast Ohio area, you have a lot of choices. Many of Neptune Plumbing’s customers are repeat customers. Repeat business doesn’t happen by accident. So why do so many Neptune Plumbing customers return?

Because they have experienced first hand that Neptune Plumbing strives for total customer satisfaction from each and every plumbing job.

In order to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with the finished plumbing job, Neptune Plumbing has customers complete a “job satisfaction” survey after all completed plumbing jobs. Using this set of data, we are able to tweak our procedures and keep our team on the cutting edge of customer satisfaction.


Our Services

Proudly serving the Northeast Ohio area since 1957, Neptune Plumbing provides customers with quality plumbing service and installation. Including, but not limited to the services below:

If you don’t see your needed service listed, call us, we probably do that too!

Call 1-800-plumbing or schedule online for a service quote, installation, or repair of your plumbing system.