27 Apr. 16

Virtual Welding Technology


Welding plays a key roll in the safety and success of the plumbing industry and requires hundreds of hours of learning and practice to master. Inadequate skills in this area could yield disastrous results. Fortunately, our plumbers and all members of the Cleveland plumbing industry’s Journeymen Plumbers Union Local 55 receive extensive training in this area before entering the workforce. A large portion of this is done on a state-of-the-art, Virtual Welder. Made by Lincoln Electric, the VRTEX line of virtual welders takes this training to a new level of sophistication. Realistic welding visuals and audio feedback allow students to practice their welding technique in a safe, simulated environment that can be used to augment time in the welding booth.

The job of the Union is to ensure only the most skilled pipe tradesmen enter the construction industry, and to protect its members and jurisdiction at every level. Top-notch training tools are just one of the ways the Union achieves these goals. The use of VRTEX has proven to significantly reduce both training costs and time and increase certification rates. Benefits which are realized by the Union, all of it’s members, and, eventually, the end customer.

Unbeknownst to most of our customers, there are many aspects of the plumbing industry that have been positively affected by technological advancements in recent years, welding being a prime example.