Water Heaters

Neptune Plumbing offers same-day water heater installation. We stock a variety of water heaters including both gas and electric, standard and power vent, as well as different sizes (40-75 gallon). If your water heater goes out, even after hours or on a weekend, we will be prepared and get your hot water back as fast as possible.

A water heater is one of those things that are easy to forget about. They are usually tucked neatly away in the basement just working away in oblivion. You don’t really pay attention to them until suddenly you’re taking cold showers; and by then it’s probably too late. We recommend getting it on a regular maintenance schedule. It will work better, use less energy and last longer.

What can be done to keep a water heater in shape?

For starters, make sure you have a service professional conduct a complete inspection at least once a year. Neptune offers annual service plans that include these types of inspections. Your service technician will inspect the tank and connections for any rust, wear or corrosion and check the pressure relief valve, among other things.

However, there are steps you can take during the year to keep your tank in top shape.

One of those things is a tank draining. In fact, you could stand to do that every three or four months. If when draining the tank, you see bits of metal or rust in the water, call Neptune Plumbing immediately. That is a near certain sign that the anode rod needs to be replaced. Don’t worry though…the anode rod is designed to attract corrosive chemicals in the water and keep them away from the rest of the tank. It’s actually a pretty quick fix.

Of course, before you do anything make sure you shut off the gas or turn off the power at your circuit breaker. And if you are a little unsure about what you’re doing, call a pro – schedule an appointment with Neptune Plumbing. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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